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on Happiness

“It is difficult to find happiness
within oneself,
but it is impossible
to find it anywhere else.”
– Arthur Schoepenhauer –
(1788 – 1860)
German Philosopher

Introducing Food to Breast Fed Baby

The time to begin introducing food to your breast fed infant is at month 7.

A couple of great options to consider is organic avacado, add a bit of purified water until consistency is as desired, soft but not too runny.   Another nutritious option is egg yolk from the soft yolk center of an organic egg fried in coconut oil, obviously, make sure the temperature is cooled before feeding sweetie pie.

Stay with one of the two options for a week before introducing the other food item.

To support balance in the still developing digestive system of the infant, wait to introduce fruits.  Think of vegetables, so many colors.  Start with sweet potatoes and all varieties of squash.   Again choose organic to get the most nutrition per bite.  It is easy to steam or bake the vegetables, and mash or put them in a food processor with a bit water to achieve desired smooth texture.   For convenience, you can make extra and put in ice cube trays and freeze.  Take out one at a time to use.

Giving the best simple whole food nutrition at the start, sets up the foundation for a healthy relationship to food and best health into the future.


Ancient Poem Asks Questions Relevant For Today

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching

Can you coax your mind from its wandering and keep to the original oneness?

Can you let your body become supple as a newborn child’s?

Can you cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but the light?

Can you love people and lead them without imposing your will?

Can you deal with the most vital matters by letting events take their course?

Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things?

Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting with no expectations, 

leading and not trying to control, this is the supreme virtue.

By Lao Tzu, a 6th-century sage who authored the Tao Te Ching, an ancient classic Chinese text 

The image is a part of a Taoist manuscript, ink on silk, 2th century BCE, Han Dynasty, unearthed from Mawangdui tomb 3rd, Chansha, Hunan Province, China.

Hunan Province Museum

Thank you Wikipedia