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pureAir Purification


Technology in Harmony with Nature. pureAir air purifiers clean and sanitize the air by modeling the way nature cleans air–with ozone, ions, and ultraviolet light. Experience cleaner, fresher, healthier air in your home and business. Select the pureAir product that best suits your needs. The pureAir 3000 is adjustable to cover the square footage in your living environment cleaning up to 3000 square feet of indoor air. The pureAir 1500 is also adjustable and cleans up to 1500 square feet of indoor air. The pureAir SOLO is the newest on-the-go air purification device. It continuously freshens the air around you when worn as a necklace, clipped on your clothing, or placed on a surface near you to freshen air from odors and pollution. 




IONIZATION DEMONSTRATION – The technologies within the pureAir products include dual ionization along with activated oxygen, electrostatic filtration, and photocatalytic oxidation. 


pureAir 3000 / $699



pureAir 1500 / $359


pureAirSOLO / $119


Learn how the technology works in the document below. pureAir Product Manual

To learn more or to purchase, reach out on form below. Product can be picked up at Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan or can be sent to desired destination within the United States. Order replacement filters or parts for your unit here. 

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