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Cody Denton-Nutrition Response Testing

Cody Denton is an expert in Nutrition Response Testing as taught by Dr. Freddie Ulan of Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. The promise of Nutritional Response Testing as quoted by Dr. Freddie Ulman’s motto: “We specialize in cases which are difficult for others but effortless for us.” Nutrition Response Testing utilizes Applied Kinesiology, a gentle muscle testing technique, to listen to the directive of the patient. The muscle testing communication by-passes what we think and accesses the wisdom within each patient. The five most common stressors that block self-healing are looked at, for example, are food sensitivities an issue? Are there immune challenges? How about heavy metal toxicity? Does the toxic effect from other chemicals hinder detoxification pathways? Even scars can block self-healing. The most obvious scars come from surgery and injury; however, scars also are also created from things we do not normally think about including tattoos, piercings, umbilical cord closure, circumcision, vasectomy, perineal tearing, episiotomy, tooth extraction, tonsil extraction, stretch marks, acne, and chicken pox.  

With Nutrition Response Testing, Cody Denton, a Functional Nutrition Consultant, is a sleuth, finding the root causes for the dysfunction happening in the body. In a very direct, supportive, fun, and effective manner she discovers solutions to support self-healing including exactly how many capsules and tablets of Standard Process and MediHerb supplements to take, no guessing here! 

Cody Denton, Functional Nutrition Consultant and Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, has been working with clients in a professional setting since 2010. Her history includes working for Standard Process, a family-owned company specializing in producing premium quality food-based supplements, as a Direct Representative. During her time with Standard Process, she trained health practitioners in product knowledge and ways to integrate the Standard Process and MediHerb products into clinical settings.  

At Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan, we feel fortunate to welcome Cody Denton to our clinic team! She is a wealth of knowledge and a treasure to work with. To schedule a Nutrition Response Testing appointment with Cody Denton, provide your contact details on the form below and we will contact you.  

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