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Acupuncture for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day - The Perfect Gift of Acupuncture

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9, this year of 2021. How wonderful to have a day set aside to honor all mothers! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 

The mother energy is yin, and the father energy is yang in the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin-yang. Yin and yang are the idea of opposites. Yin energy is female, soft, and supports function in comparison to yang energy which is male, active, and supports structure. In our modern world, people too often burn their yang without nurturing their yin and end up stressed out with health imbalances.  

yin yang symbol represents balance of opposites

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has at its roots the philosophy of yin and yang. The diagnosis within TCM is based on patterns that are categorized according to the relationship of yin and yang within the body.  When the opposite expression of the yin and yang energies within the body interact in a balanced way, good health can be enjoyedWhen there is an imbalance of the yin and yang energy, for example too much activity and not enough rest, the body suffers.  

Acupuncture Care is a holistic choice to treat a variety of women’s health issues. Below are three ways acupuncture supports women’s health. 

Acupuncture is relaxing. Acupuncture can restore calm when one is feeling anxious. Acupuncture causes the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, and supports feelings of content and relaxation. Most people feel the stress relief effect of acupuncture even after just one treatment.

Acupuncture helps harmonize hormones. Females of all reproductive stages benefit from acupuncture care. Acupuncture helps ease discomfort of PMS, build the blood after menses flow, and keep the cycle in a normal 28-day rhythm. It also helps detox and prepare the body for pregnancy, helps the body stay healthy throughout pregnancy, and supports the body with nourishing and moving energy for the natural delivery of the baby. Menopause is treated successfully with acupuncture also. It helps women stay calm, cool, and enjoy the change.  

Acupuncture improves energy levels. The body needs energy to function. Often a digestion problem or an insomnia issue is caused by not having the adequate energy, yes, one even needs enough energy to sleep soundly. Mother’s give of their energy to care for their family and acupuncture care is a terrific way to rebuild and support that mothering energy.

At Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan we help with simple and complex women’s health issues. Reach out on form below if you want to learn more about how acupuncture care can make a great gift for any mom or woman you want to celebrate on Mother’s Day.

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