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Children’s Health

Gentle, Safe and Effective Pediatric Health Care

In contrast to western medicine that requires children to receive strong acting chemical drugs, the natural pediatric care at Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan respects the vulnerable state of children’s health and recommends only the gentlest pediatric herbal formulas. The reason that herbal medicine is so effective is that are carefully prescribed based on Traditional Chinese Medicine pediatric diagnosis and treatment strategy.

Dr. Mary Rx: Pediatric Herbal Formulas & Nutritional Supplements

Kan Herb Company-Gentle Warriors-Pediatric Formulas

  • Windbreaker - sinusitis, sore throat, colds 

  • Chest Relief - laryngitis, coughmucous 

  • Pipe Cleaner - bronchitis, cough, sticky phlegm 

  • Open Air - acute asthma, wheezing 

  • Deep Breath - chronic asthma, wheezing 

  • Grow & Thrive - poor appetite, weak digestion, frail 

  • Tummy Tamer - indigestion 

  • Easy Going - constipation 

  • Belly Binder - diarrhea 

  • Fire Fighter - rash

  • Quiet Calm - trauma, hyperactivity, crankiness 

Blue Poppy Pediatric Formulas

AllerEase Jr. - runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing Bupleurum & Angelica - earache CQ Jr. - sore throats, feel sickness coming on Dry Nites - persistant bed-wetting Little Dragon -obesity with digestive stagnation Lung Qi Jr. - cough, asthmatic wheezing Peaceful Focus - hyperactivity disorders Quiet Nites - colic, gas, indigestion & night-crying Tender Teeth - teething pain

Where does it come from? Contrary to popular belief

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