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Gentle, Safe and Effective Natural Pediatric Care 

Pediatrics is a specialized treatment category within Chinese Medicine. Julian Scott, an esteemed pediatric acupuncture physician since 1976 wrote the book Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children. In this book he lets the reader know that Chinese pediatric physicians were learning from Chinese medical textbooks and utilizing acupuncture with children as far back as the Song dynasty (960-1279). Chinese medicine continues to be a safe, gentle and effective treatment for dealing with childhood illnesses, relieving all types of childhood pains and supporting normal health for our children.Acupuncture Eases Pain For Children

Chinese medicine is more than acupuncture. Herbal medicine is utilized along with acupuncture to address acute childhood illnesses such as the common cold, earache, cough and digestive disturbances. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are also effective for treating chronic health issues such as allergies, eczema, bed wetting, hyperactivity, asthma and others. At Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan, we recommend a healing plan for our pediatric patients using a combination of healing supportive tools including acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, herbal medicine, nutrient rich supplements based on whole food, daily diet recommendations, other lifestyle recommendations, low level light therapy, Constitutional homeopathic remedies and UNDA Numbers homeopathic system. Our clinical pediatric approach is to respect the normal functioning of our youngest patients as we help them to move through their illness or injury to restore health.

In contrast to western medicine’s strong acting chemical drugs and variety of surgeries to care for children, our pediatric care respects the self regulating, still developing, vulnerable state of children’s health and uses a nature first, drugs last approach. Instead of relying on over the counter medication that suppress the natural physiology of children, parents source Dr. Mary to expertly prescribe liquid herbal pediatric formulas and chewable nutrient rich supplements. At Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan, we utilize the professional Chinese herbal pediatric products from Blue Poppy Pediatric Formulas and from Kan Herbs Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formulas. We also utilize homeopathic remedies including the UNDA homeopathic drainage numbers to move through the illness and support the return of normal physiology.  Another key to success with how we care for our children’s health is nutrition. We prescribe the nutrient rich supplements from Standard Process for our patients of all ages.  Learn more about the pediatric Rx products below.


Blue Poppy Pediatric Formulas

(For specifics about each Blue Poppy Pediatric formula read the PDF below)

  • AllerEase Jr. – seasonal allergies, runny nose, itchy eyessneezing
  • Bupleurum & Angelica – acute earaches with fever 
  • CQ Jr– strep throat, upper respiratory infections
  • Dry Nites – enuresis or bed-wetting  
  • Little Pearl – eczema, rash on cheeks, creases of elbows, wrists, knees, neck, feet
  • Lung Qi Jr. – cough, asthmatic wheezing 
  • Moisten Dryness – chronic slow healing dry cough at end of respiratory infection
  • Peaceful Focus – hyperactivity disorders 
  • Quiet Nites – colic, gas, indigestion & night-crying 
  • Tender Teeth  teething pain
  • Tummy Qi – acute or chronic indigestion, belly pain, nausea, vomiting, low appetite, gasDosing Blue Poppy Herbs' Pediatric Formulas

Kan Herbs Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formulas

  • Chest Relief – laryngitis, cough, mucous  
  • Windbreaker – sinusitis, sore throat, colds 
  • Pipe Cleaner – bronchitis, cough, sticky phlegm  
  • Open Air – acute asthma, wheezing  
  • Deep Breath – chronic asthma, wheezing  
  • Grow & Thrive – poor appetite, weak digestion, frail  
  • Tummy Tamer – indigestion  
  • Easy Going – constipation  
  • Belly Binder – diarrhea  
  • Fire Fighter – rash 
  • Quiet Calm – trauma, hyperactivity, crankiness

    UNDA Numbers A homeopathic mix of plants & minerals that support drainage of specific organ systems to help body return to homeostasis. 

UNDA Numbers support the cleaning out of phlegm and mucous and other lingering factors during and after illnesses. UNDA Numbers also support the restoration of the normal workings of the body.  Good-bye to lingering coughs, croupy breathing, reoccurring skin rash, etc. with the help of UNDA Numbers. Since 1949, a Belgium pharmacy, UNDA, has been manufacturing these exceptional homeopathic remedies. To learn more about the UNDA Numbers and how they are used to support restoration of health, read the PDF brochure below.Unda_3weekdrainagesystems_Guide

Nutrition is essential

Children are in the process of growing a healthy body.  When kids eat nutrient rich foods in protein, fats, and color, vegetables and fruits, they can have what they need for healthy functioning. This chart lays out how to feed your baby through the first year of life and beyond, laying a foundation for best health. Learn more about how to eat a natural traditional diet at Nourishing Our

Why Do We Recommend Whole Food Based Supplements?

Rx: herbs & foods from nature

Even though food is plentiful in our modern culture, most of our food is not nutrient rich.  Here are a few reasons why our food is not as nutritious as it needs to be.

  • the poor state of most soils that grow our food
  • the abundance of fast food that is consumed instead of real food
  • addictive non-foods (candies, chips, sodas, gummies, cookies, etc…)
  • the use of drugs that gobble up vitamins and minerals
  • the depleted digestive systems that don’t absorb food adequately
  • most people lack basic knowledge about the value of common sense nutrition

This is why we recommend that all of our pediatric patients take the “Children’s Wellness Triad” daily.  These three convenient chewable supplements are 1. Catalyn Chewable 2. Tuna Omega-3 Chewable 3. Congaplex Chewable from Standard Process.  Rich in the required daily vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, this dynamic trio helps to grow and protect the rapidly changing bodies of our children.




Dr. Mary also recommends a nutrient rich supplement schedule using the Standard Process Daily Fundamentals -General Health Pack for all people and especially for women who are planning to get pregnant or who are already pregnant. These nutrient rich supplements provide fundamental nutrition to support Mom’s health and the health of her developing child.

Daily Fundamentals – General Health

General Health Daily Fundamentals provide convenient foundational maintenance support to help patients maintain optimal health. Box includes a 30-day supply of individual packs. Each pack contains:

  • Catalyn (three tablets)—contains vital nutrients from whole food and other sources
  • Trace Minerals-B12 (one tablet)—trace mineral supplement
  • Tuna Omega-3 Oil (two perles)—provides 300 mg DHA and 60 mg EPA omega-3 fatty acids to support heart, brain, eye, and joint health*

Whole Food Nutrient Solutions

Since 1929, Standard Process has been the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions. We apply systems thinking to holistic nutrition that empowers practitioners to transform lives. Dedicated to the whole food philosophy of our founder, Dr. Royal Lee, our goal is to carry on his mission to provide nutrients for the body that are as close as possible to how they are found in nature.

Our products include foods that are prepared in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. The majority of these ingredients are grown locally on our certified organic farm and may require chopping, dicing, juicing and/or drying for use in our products. The resulting whole food ingredients are then added to a formula that may include whole food extracts, animal tissue extracts and concentrates, botanicals, whole food isolates and synthetic ingredients. These highly complex combinations contain a variety of elements designed to trigger trophic effects that support the body’s healthy balance and wellness.

Learn How to Order Your Standard Process Products On-line with SP Patient Direct

Our commitment at Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan, is to support the natural ability of the body to move away from illness into a natural wellness state of health without causing health damaging side effects.Step over bridge to experience care from a Florida Board Certified Florida Acupuncture Physician and Primary Health Care Provider for your child’s pediatric care at Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan.  Dr. Mary has been serving Sarasota and the surrounding area as a primary health care provider for people of all ages since 1999.  Dr. Mary has professional and personal expertise in caring for the pediatric patients as she is also the parent of 3 sons, age range 11 to 30, and is a grandparent of 2. As a matter of fact, her desire to care for her first born in natural ways started her journey into becoming a natural doctor. Dr. Mary enjoys a natural connection with kids. You will be pleased to find out that you will receive expert advice and a workable natural health care plan from the experienced pediatric physician at Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center –Mary Cetan.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment for your child with Dr. Mary at Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan, fill out form below.  Select Child Exam & Treatment with on-line scheduling.  The products above are available for purchase through Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan for pick up at the clinic or through receiving access to on-line ordering.  If you would like to gain access to the professional product lines above reach out on form below and indicate your interest. If you have questions you can schedule a Complimentary Conversation with Dr. Mary.