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Retired RN – Yoga Instructor – Business Owner

Mary Cetan has been my only Physician for 19 years. Her treatment of the body when I would see her for a physical ailment would be one of the total body regime. Emotionally, mentally, and physical. Not only would it involve acupuncture or holistic remedies but also the emotional component that underlies our physical pain. She also introduced the Kangen

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Homeopathy Helped Me Stabilize

I have been in a season in life where a lot of things came together. A lot of processing was required on my part, but I was just not able to handle all the challenges that I have been facing within the last year. Literally every aspect of life was affected, unstable and constantly changing.  It got so

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Homeopathy Helps Me

I came to see Dr. Mary as I was going through an emotional time because my dear dog, who had been my companion through the past 18 years of my life, was nearing the end of his life.  This was the very first time I saw her as a patient.  I laid on her treatment table and she said, “It

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I’m 83 and I Got My Energy Back!

I have enjoyed good health most of my life.  After a fall a few years ago, my health took a downward turn and kept going that direction.  I found myself in constant pain in my lower back, not sleeping through the night from feeling hot, and on medications to manage my blood sugar.   I was referred to Dr. Mary by

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