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What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is bringing function to the body through nutrition

whole food and whole food supplements for best health
Let food be your medicine

With Functional Nutrition, healing is a process, the process of eliminating adverse symptoms and encouraging the natural functioning of the body.  Every system in our body was designed to work in a particular way in support of the entire organization.  When one system of the body is taxed, all other areas are adversely affected.  When areas of the body are working optimally, all of the other areas benefit.  Functional Nutrition treats the whole body, all at once, by providing specific high quality nutrition, to the areas of the body–systems, organs, tissues and cells–that are asking for it.

whole food harvest
bringing home the bounty

Historically, the food that was needed to nourish the body happened organically, it was what nature provided and what was available to eat. Today, with so many modern inroads into our daily diet, people are left over-fed and under-nourished.

People are becoming ill from living in a toxic body ridden with chemicals. Where is the nourishment to sustain and maintain the body?  The non-food stimulants and sweets that are so addictive and seemingly satisfying do not supply the simple and pure nutrition from nature that we are designed to run on.

So, how does one figure out what daily diet and nutritional supplements will support the restoration of the natural functioning of the body? Great question!

we recommend organic non-GMO whole food supplements from Standard Process
Functional Nutrition Consultation

We have the answer and it starts with a Complementary Consultation using our Body Systems Survey found here:  Get Started Functional Nutrition

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