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Functional Nutrition is a new term for an old fashioned understanding that food is medicine.  Our Functional Nutrition Assessment is an effective way to ascertain which body systems, organs and/or tissues need support to encourage natural healing.  We use a Body System Survey, available to take on-line or in the clinic, to inquire into your health symptoms and can recommend nutritional solutions from this diagnostic tool.  We also can dig for deeper understanding and use the results of your blood chemistry lab results to more specifically determine what is out of range and prescribe food, nutrient rich supplements and herbal medicine to help your body return to disease free blood lab results.  Hair mineral analysis is another tool we use to determine supplement schedule. 

Our service of Functional Nutrition is not the same as the work of a dietitian who develops meal plans based on sickness or disease. With Functional Nutrition, our goal is to improve the function of the biochemistry of your body by adding specific nutrient dense foods that your body needs to restore and stay in balance. We make recommendations to your daily diet after we find out what you are and are not eating, your lifestyle habits, and how quickly you are willing to make changes. 

Whole food nutritional supplements supply nutrients that our daily diet does not provide.  Everybody requires vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phyto-nutrients to maintain optimal health.  The most efficient and effective way to receive these nutrients, is in a way that nature intended, in a whole food form. We prescribe nutrient rich supplements from Standard Process to fill in the nutritional gaps that are lacking in your daily diet. To help you to understand the value of nutritionally rich supplements to support your health, read the wisdom contained in the article below by health pioneer, R. L. Slaughter, M.Sc. D.C. with 45 Years of Study and Practice. “Why Do We Need Whole Food Supplements?”

key ingredients: swiss chard (beet leaf) & buckwheat

Why do we need whole food supplements

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