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Acupuncture In Sarasota Florida Helps Trigger Finger and More

My good friend told me to see Dr. Mary for my trigger finger.  I really hoped acupuncture would work for me too!  I got more than I hoped for!  The day after my first treatment, Dr. Mary called me to check on me and I was so thrilled to tell her that my trigger finger was over 75% better!  I didn’t wake in pain and I could use it more easily at work.  After 2 treatments, my trigger finger was 90% better!

Here’s the more than I hoped for part: before my finger acted up, I felt achy all over and began to worry that something was really “wrong” with me.  You see, I am a healthy active person.  Running has always been a part of my adult life.  In 2007 I raced in a full Disney marathon and have ran several half marathons since.  Experiencing achiness in my body was new to me and I didn’t like it!

Along with acupuncture, Dr. Mary gave me a Chinese herbal formula to nourish my muscles.   Before I got to the bottom of that bottle of Chinese herbal tea pills, my achiness was 75% better!  How long had I suffered with the achiness…and the worry…too long!  I also had sugar cravings and she prescribed GymnemaTM from Standard ProcessTM.  My sugar cravings are also gone!

When I asked her if she could help me lose weight she encouraged me to commit to a 21-day whole food detoxification program with Standard ProcessTM  to clean up my liver and digestive process.  This is a simple organic whole foods nourishing plan, not a starvation plan.  I’m starting that next Monday.

In summary, in working with Dr. Mary, I not only got my initial concern quickly solved, I also got help with my whole self.   I now have an expert natural health practitioner to support me with my goal to make the second half of my life as healthy as the first half.

Thank you, Dr. Mary.  I highly recommend you!  If you are wondering if acupuncture is for you, there is only one way to find out, experience it for yourself.

Crystal H., age 52, Sarasota, Florida


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