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Constitutional Homeopathy Helps Heal Emotional Wounds

Mary Cetan has been an integral part of my health care team for over 13 years. She has helped, and continues to help me and my family with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.   Her ability to prescribe the optimal constitutional homeopathic remedy for each member of my family–me, my children and my husband has truly been a blessing.  We all needed help to heal from emotional wounding so that we can have the close family relationships that we experience today.  Homeopathy helps each of us to manage ourselves better by being less at the effect of our past and living more present in the now.

Dr. Mary has helped me personally with so many things over the years, including my immune system, reproductive system, nervous system and musculoskeletal issues.  She has a wonderful combination of skill, intuition, gentleness, humor and kindness.  She is a very gifted healthcare practitioner who is serving with purpose and passion.  I am truly grateful that she is in my life.  It was through my working for Mary in her clinic as her office assistant that I decided to become an acupuncture physician myself.   I can attest to her compassion, professionalism and uplifting energy that she brings to her interactions with all others.

Shawn W.

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