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Acupuncture Helps With Chronic Ear Infection and Sweaty Hands & Feet

I came to see Dr. Mary initially for uncontrollable sweating of my hands and feet.  I’m talking dripping wet!  As you can imagine, this caused me problems at work as a server and socially.   Over the course of 2 months of weekly treatments with Dr. Mary, the sweating is less frequent, less intense and consistently improving!  This is a blessing in and of itself.  However, she also helped me with other areas that she said are related to the sweating…anxiety and insomnia.  I didn’t expect her to help with all my problems and she did…all at the same time.  I now sleep through the night and am anxiety free!

For the past 2-weeks Dr. Mary has been focusing on a chronic ear infection that I have suffered with for three years.   I took three rounds of anti-biotics recently and felt initially better and then much worse with more drainage and itching deep in my ear.   I was worried!   Dr. Mary assured me that Chinese Medicine has ways to address ear infection successfully.   She gave me acupuncture, formulas to support drainage and cleaning up my ear.  Within the first week, I sensed that my ear was on the mend.  I went to my MD ear specialist, he examined my ear and confirmed that my eardrum was closing and the infection was healing.

The best thing about coming to see Dr. Mary is that no matter what is going on with me, I always feel better when I leave.  She gives me lots of practical advice and hope for a better future.

Emma H. Age 30, Sarasota, FL

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