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Homeopathy Helped Me Stabilize

I have been in a season in life where a lot of things came together. A lot of processing was required on my part, but I was just not able to handle all the challenges that I have been facing within the last year. Literally every aspect of life was affected, unstable and constantly changing.  It got so intense last week that for the first time ever I totally passed out and became unconscious.  My wife told me that I was gone for about a minute and that my face and lips had turned all white.

I met Mary Cetan, Florida Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and homeopathic presciber, the next day and she immediately took me in for homeopathic treatment. I was astonished how well her diagnose described my current condition including a lot of things that I had not told her.  She even brought up an allegorical story which helped me relate to myself, my circumstances and my aspirations for the future in a simple, but profound way.  She ended up giving me only one remedy, but that was so powerful that now, one week later, I look back and see a different person in the mirror.  I stabilized considerably and I am doing things that I wasn’t able to do before.  As a matter of fact I feel so at peace with myself that I have become a comfort to others around me – beyond what I ever could do before.

Thank you so much, Mary, for being who you are and for focusing on the whole picture of me in this time of great struggle and helping me through!

Toby, male, age 41

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