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My Mom & I Receive Help from Dr. Mary

Initially, I came to Dr. Mary to help my aging mother with shoulder pain and decreasing energy.  My Mom, now 90 years of age, still enjoys her visits with Dr. Mary.  After seeing the great results that my Mother was having I wanted in!  We started doing tandem treatments and I am experiencing better health over all and more energy.

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Include A Natural Doctor in Your Wellness Plan

I have been a patient of Dr. Mary for nearly 7 years.  Initially, she helped me to regain my balance after experiencing severe menopausal symptoms.   She is gentle and effective utilizing her “healing tools” including acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, hands-on body work, Auricular Medicine and homeopathy.

I continue to work with Mary as part of my “well-care”, especially in

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Dr. Mary & Auricular Medicine Helps Me “Feel Like Me Again”

Dear Dr. Mary,

My life has changed remarkably since I came to you as a new patient September of 2013. My primary complaint was that I didn’t fell well… physically, spiritually and mentally. I felt foggy, angry and completely unlike my normal self. In fact, I went to the emergency room a few weeks earlier feeling completely disoriented and sick.

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Gut Pain Gone! Thanks to Functional Nutrition & Acupuncture

Hello,  I’m a new patient of Dr. Mary’s.  I found her on-line as I was looking for help with the extreme pain in my gut.  I am 22 years and I was living a happy life until six months ago I agreed to have my gall bladder removed.  Since then, the quality of life has taken a huge turn for

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