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Dr. Mary & Auricular Medicine Helps Me “Feel Like Me Again”

Dear Dr. Mary,

My life has changed remarkably since I came to you as a new patient September of 2013. My primary complaint was that I didn’t fell well… physically, spiritually and mentally. I felt foggy, angry and completely unlike my normal self. In fact, I went to the emergency room a few weeks earlier feeling completely disoriented and sick. They ran tests and told me I was fine even though I spelled my last name wrong when checking in!

I came to you desperate. Everything that I could think to try to make myself well I tried, to no avail.

During our first session with Auricular Medicine, you picked up ‘Brain Trauma’ and were a little taken back. You asked me, “This remedy for brain trauma is coming up but I don’t understand why. Have you had a brain injury”? I had been in a car accident a year earlier where I hit my head on the driver’s side window. I didn’t think to mention it to you because after the accident, I had a MRI and the doctors said that I was fine even though I was experiencing fogginess in my head. You told me that I was still suffering from the trauma of the accident and began treatment.

I noticed immediate cognitive benefits. My performance at work improved and I started to feel like my old self again. In addition to that, the other benefits that I have experienced are incredible.

As I continue with weekly treatments in your care, I have experienced other incredible benefits including:
-I quit smoking
-I have lost over 10 pounds and counting
-My anxiety reduced significantly
-I am eating better…. I used to eat drive through fast-food 2 times per week
-I have more patience with my children
-I am re-connected with the Source
-I feel lighter, happier and more at ease

I am eternally grateful for helping me find my way back to my path. Your expertise and kindness have been crucial to my success. I think that the thing that I am most grateful for is the fact that you never judged me. I have shared the darker sides of me that even I have a hard time looking at and never once was there a look or a tone of judgment. You let me deal with my issues in my time. If there was something that I wasn’t ready to choose to do, you never pushed it on me. I have always been able to decide when and if I am ready for certain remedies, food choices, etc.

My friends and family have noticed a remarkable difference in me and ask what it is that is different. I tell them about you and Auricular Medicine. Although I have been a patient of yours for several years, this is a new method and I received incredible help from you. While I had good results before, my results now are stellar. In fact, they are profound! Really amazing changes are happening all in a very short period of time! I realized that I needed to heal on the inside to even be in a place where I could make better decisions for my health. Your work has helped me and continues to help me to access that self that was blocked inside, hidden behind some wall. Now I can truly heal.

I was so interested to learn about your extensive training in Milton, near Ontario, Canada to learn Auricular Medicine from Dr. Mikheal Adams. Dr. Adams learned from his teacher and the Father of Auricular Medicine. Dr. Paul Nogier from France. I find it amazing that you traveled to Canada monthly  for over 6 months to become proficient at this type of medicine. From what I understand, it is a subtle way of diagnosing that leads you to find the blocks within me that are keeping me from fully healing. Currently there are very few practitioners in the United States who use this very effective natural method. I am feeling so incredibly lucky that out of the few people with Auricular Medicine training in the country, you offer it in Sarasota.

Mary—thank you, I will never be able to adequately to express my gratitude. How does one thank you? You gave me the gift of “making me feel like me again”.

Many Blessings,

Gill C -Sarasota

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