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From One Health Practitioner to Another…Amazing Results!

I met Dr. Mary while I was vacationing in Sarasota in 2011.  As we talked about her practice, I decided to make an appointment with her.

As a health practitioner myself, I have a PhD in Energy Medicine, I was very intrigued by her methodology and knowledge.  She addressed all aspects of my Being in a natural and effective way.  From my first appointment, I could feel a shift in my energy body, which greatly enhanced my health and well-being. I no longer had to work so hard at being.  I softened.  My smile wasn’t forced.  I was no longer hiding something that I wasn’t aware of yet had held me captive before I saw Dr. Mary. Simply amazing!

Dr. Mary is a very skilled homeopath and herbalist.  She prescribed superior remedies so I could continue my healing process after I left her office.  Unfortunately for me, I am only in Sarasota once per year on vacation so I am unable to continue treatment as often as I would like or need.  However, what has amazed me the most is the infinite wisdom in the body/spirit.  We pick up where we left off a year ago and profound changes have taken place in the interim.   So even with only one treatment per year, I have found significant changes happening in my life that I know are a direct result of working with Dr. Mary.

The most recent appointment in January of 2015 really made an impact! I instantly felt a shift mentally, physically and emotionally. She used auricular medicine and gave me a homeopathic remedy that cut through many layers of toxic overload to get to the original source of my dysfunction. With the help of Dr. Mary, I have made more progress in 3 sessions than I have made using other modalities in the past 20 years!  I have had the opportunity to work with many high-level practitioners and I report that Dr. Mary is the most gifted one of them all!  She has a special skill of being able to “listen” to your energy body and give you what you need in the order that you need it to facilitate your best healing.

I am very grateful for Mary and her dedication to Health and Healing and I look forward to my next appointment.

Respectfully yours,

Diane P., PhD Energy Medicine, Ageless, Ohio

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