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Hot Flashing Less & Feeling More Relaxed with Acupuncture

I had tried everything I heard about to get relief from the severe hot flashes from which I suffered for 20 years. After my sister had such good results with acupuncture and herbal medicine for her allergies, I decided to give Chinese Medicine a try though I didn’t have a lot of hope. Lo and behold, my hot flashes have been reduced by about 70% and those I do have are much less intense. Suddenly I also found myself feeling much more relaxed, less stressed, and finding that dealing with many troubling things became much easier. It also became noticeable to my family and friends that I was much calmer. Mary has helped me greatly in many facets of my life, and I am so grateful. Retirement is great: life is good! Thank you, Mary, for helping me find this contentment and peace so I can enjoy retirement to its fullest,

Gretchen Z., Age 65, Venice, Florida

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