Functional Nutrition-From Symptoms to Solutions

Functional Nutrition is the professional service of recommending basic and specific foods as foundational to human health and healing. Our service of Functional Nutrition is not the same as the work of a dietitian who develops meal plans based on sickness or disease. With Functional Nutrition, our goal is to improve specific functions of the body by adding specific nutrient dense foods to nourish the body back to health.

The science behind Functional Nutrition is found in the research and development of Dr. Royal Lee, the founder of Standard Process. Standard Process has been making nutrient rich supplements for over 90-years. Whole food nutritional supplements supply nutrients that our daily diet does not provide. Everybody requires vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phyto-nutrients to maintain optimal health. The most efficient and effective way to receive these nutrients, is in a way that nature intended, in a whole food form. We prescribe nutrient rich supplements from Standard Process to fill in the nutritional gaps that are lacking in your daily diet. To help you to understand the value of nutritionally rich supplements to support your health, read the wisdom contained in the article below by health pioneer, R. L. Slaughter, M.Sc. D.C. with 45 Years of Study and Practice. “Why Do We Need Whole Food Supplements?”Why do we need whole food supplements

What Happens At A Functional Nutrition Visit?

Functional Nutrition ConsultThe first part of a Functional Nutrition Visit is assessing what the problems are. We use a Body Systems Survey to gather current and historical information on health problems.  We incorporate a food diary to help us understand the eating pattern and food choices that contribute to health or to illness.  For chronic or stubborn health issues we dig for deeper understanding of the causes with lab testing.

After inquiring into health through Functional Nutrition assessments, a Report of Findings is made and a daily diet and supplement schedule is recommended. We prescribe nutrient rich supplements made from whole food ingredients by Standard Process and herbal medicine from MediHerb. Patients receive a supplement schedule based on Functional Nutrition Report of Findings and their health goals.

An important part of our Functional Nutrition program, is participating in an annual nutritional cleanse. We find the  Detox Balance10-Day or 28-Day Program  through Standard Process, the most effective, non-complicated, safe, and delicious way to achieve the goal of getting stored toxins out of the body and restoring normal function. Although some people can dive right into the 10-Day or 28-Day SP Detox Balance program, we find that many people need to ease their way into it based on the condition of health, lifestyle and age. Pregnant women need to wait until after birthing and nursing to participate in this program.  With the assessment tools, Report of Findings, and the help of Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan and our Functional Nutrition Program, patients will be advised how to ease into the program if necessary or when to start it.

Let Functional Nutrition can help you solve your health challenges and reach your health goals. Reach out on form below to get started or to get your questions answered.