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I’m 83 & Have My Energy Back!

I have enjoyed good health most of my life.  After a fall a few years ago, my health took a downward turn and kept going that direction.  I found myself in constant pain in my lower back, not sleeping through the night from feeling hot, and on medications to manage my blood sugar.   I was referred to Dr. Mary by a colleague of hers who highly recommended her.  With my  wife’s help, she is the computer expert, I answered the questions about my problems before we went for my first visit.

I received an acupuncture treatment and took home my Standard Process Supplements and signed up for a Care Plan.  When I came back for my second acupuncture treatment 4 days later, I was able to report having more energy, sleeping through the night, feeling generally better all over and definitely feeling more positive.  I just had my 3rd treatment today and am enjoying the process.  I get to take a cat nap every time I visit her.

Male, 83, Sarasota, FL


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