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Happy New Year 2018! 

A new beginning, isn’t this exciting?  Time to focus on new possibilities and the opportunity to take new actions.  I love that I have no idea exactly what 2018 will bring and I enter it with enthusiasm, openness, and gratitude.  As we welcome in a new year full of infinite potential and miraculous possibility, here is my 2018 New Year’s wish for you.

  • That you find a way to laugh and enjoy each day
  • That you listen to others with an open heart
  • That you continue to grow and learn
  • That you commit to your goals to improve yourself
  • That you find meaningful ways to contribute to your loved ones and to your community
  • That you enjoy the journey

What do you wish for yourself?  What experiences are you hoping for in 2018?  What will you focus on?

As for me and the Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center team, we’re focusing on helping people reach their health goals, bringing people together to learn, nurturing our friendships and supporting our community.  We are looking forward sharing our newsletter and media posts with you.  We are also very excited about the upcoming events we will host at our clinic this year so that 2018 will be the best year ever!

Happy New Year to you dear patients, friends and community!  I look forward to the experiences that we share in 2018.

In peace, health and happiness,

Dr. Mary and Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center team

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