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Celebrate Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day

Join Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center – Mary Cetan and NCCAOM in celebrating the 16th annual Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day.  Wednesday, October 24th is AOM Day and we are celebrating by offering a FREE Acupuncture treatment along with our Getting Started Complimentary Consultation all week long!  In honor of our profession we’re sharing the progress, promise and benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine with our community.  For further education and inspiration, visit #acupuncture #herbology #acupressure #shiatsu #AOMDay2018

Are You Looking For A Sign?

Tai Chi/Chi Gong Classes 2018: Breath, Move, Be (Mon@7pm / Tues@4pm / Sat@9am)

What is Tai Chi/Chi Gong?

Tai Chi and Chi Gong are ancient Chinese traditions that, today, are practiced as a graceful forms of healing exercises.  Practicing these healing arts involves conscious breathing, gentle movements and increasing awareness.  The exercises are relaxing, invigorating and enjoyable.  They encourage healthy movement of energy and bring happiness to the body.

Who Can Practice Tai Chi/Chi Gong?

Tai Chi/Chi Gong is low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it generally safe for all ages and fitness levels.  In fact, because this is a low impact exercise, it is especially suitable for older adults who otherwise may not exercise.  Tai Chi/Chi Gong is also appealing to many because it is inexpensive, as it requires no special equipment. You can practice Chi Gong anywhere—indoors or outdoors; alone or in a group class; barefoot or with comfortable foot ware; and comfortable clothing of any kind can be worn.

Although Chi Gong is very safe, if you are pregnant, have an injury or any severe medical condition, consult with your doctor or our doctor before attending our class.  Modification or avoidance of certain postures can be recommended for people with medical conditions or physical limitations.

Our class size is limited to to clinic space.  Each class can have 8 to 10 participants.  Sign up now to claim your desired class time on our on-line schedule.  Fee: $15 per class or a 4 pack for $52.


Say Goodbye to Smoking – Start 2018 SMOKE FREE

Start 2018 SMOKE FREE! 

Taking in Full Breaths of Fresh Air an d Feeling GREAT because you are now free from the addiction of smoking.

Taking in Full Breaths of Fresh Air and Feeling GREAT!

Four Week Treatment Plan To Become Smoke Free!

With The Help Of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine And Nutrition

    • 12 acupuncture treatments per session; you will be receive your treatment and be ready to go in 30 minutes to fit your work schedule
    • Nutrition Consultation with a 30-Day supply of whole-food supplements to support your detoxification
    • 30-Day Supply of Herbal Medicine to support your brain chemistry balance
    • Daily Medical Qi Gong with breathing exercises 12:00 -12:30: November and December 2017 except holidays as listed at clinic
    • Total Program:  Nutrition & Herbal Formulas $100 per week = $400 / Acupuncture 12 treatments x 50 = $600   Total program: $1000 ($800 total cost when you include the $200 gift certificate you receive when you complete the program!)
    • When you complete the program you will receive a Certificate and Health Exam with Full Comprehensive Treatment from Dr. Mary!  Value $200.  You can use this yourself or gift it to a friend.

      2018 Start Button

      Start New Year Addiction Free

Decide to DO IT.  Contact us by phone 941-926-7899 or on the Green Button that says “Contact Us” on the right side of the first page of  First come first serve on priority treatment times (lunch break).  Let us know the best time and preferred way to reach you and we will contact you to get you started.  

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