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What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage.  Qi, pronounced Chi, means “universal life force” and gong means “skillful cultivation of”. 

Medical Qigong is a medical system originating in China over 2500 ago where a skilled practitioner has learned to gather Qi, build Qi and direct Qi very intentionally for the purpose healing.

With Medical Qigong, the Qi is given directive to work in the body of the patient to push through blockages and break up imbalances.  As the old patterns are disrupted, the universal life force is directed to get to work restoring the natural balance in the systems of the body.  Medical Qigong is a powerful gentle healing experience.  The patient is often given Qigong exercises to practice at home to support the generation and utilization of Qi.  Some practitioners of Medical Qi Gong offer opportunities for people to learn and practice Qigong healing moves, stances and breathing.

The main system that Medical Qigong works with is the respiratory system.  Without breath, we perish.  With conscious deliberate focused ways of breathing in Medical Qi Gong, the breath becomes bellows that contract to draw out disruptive Qi and expand to fill areas that need it a Qi infusion.  As Qi builds in the body through breath,  we have more energy to positively influence our health.

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