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Acupuncture Successfully Treats Stress

My health was a mess when I first met Dr. Mary.  I was physically and emotionally pressed to my limits after 6 months of very difficult life-changing events and the intense stress that I was under.  At that time,  I met Mary at a social event and in the nick of time!  You know, it’s wonderful how life takes care of us when we need it the most!  Little did I know that after we met I was about to experience 9 more months of upset and turmoil.

Mary and I worked together to reverse the many effects of the intense stress and tension.  She used a variety of modalities, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, constitutional homeopathy and whole food nutrition.   She taught me a few things to do to help me achieve long-term results.  It worked!!!   I took her advice and made needed changes to my lifestyle.  I followed her treatment plan and VOILA!  I have changed and ALL my symptoms have disappeared!  I had no idea this was even possible!

Along with the healing of my physical and emotional body, is the healing that has and continues to take place inwardly.  Not only do I feel great, strong and relaxed, also my reactions to stress and challenging situations have been transformed.  I feel like I have a new set of tools with which to meet life’s tensions   I feel a new, higher level of health.  At my first treatment with her, she described the healing journey as going up to another level on the spiral of health.  I didn’t know what she meant at the time…now I do.  I am experiencing a higher level of being.

Fortunately, beyond addressing and alleviating my external symptoms, Mary and I have reached a place where she can provide proactive healthcare and can address deeper, problem-causing imbalances so to help me avoid health problems in the first place.  ​I appreciate having a natural physician that I can rely on for my continued health care.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear sweet Mary, you turned my life around.

I followed Dr. Mary’s suggestion to the best of my ability and I am so happy that I did!  I highly recommend Dr. Mary to everyone who desires to reach a higher level of health at all levels. ​

Cynthia A, Age 50, Sarasota, Florida

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