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Acupuncture Helps Hip Pain

“I managed to injure my hip a few months ago and suffered from severe pain when having to get up from a reclining position.  I was diagnosed with arthritis in the hip and went through a month of physical therapy, which did help relieve a lot of the pain.  But right before I needed to take a trip I had a setback.  In desperation, I decided I wanted to try acupuncture.  Dr. Mary was kind enough to fit me in the very next morning for a consultation which included an acupuncture treatment.  I could not believe it when the very next morning I was totally pain free and have remained that way now for two months.  I am now a firm believer in Eastern and Western medicine working in conjunction to the benefit of the patient.
I have also been very impressed with Dr. Mary’s ability to ascertain things about me that have helped me achieve other goals.  She helped me in overcoming my cravings for sugar, and I have managed to start losing weight as a result.  She also helped me deal with emotions I was facing after the death of a friend.  I have complete confidence in her and I have highly recommended her to others.”

Eloise M., Age 70, Sarasota, Florida

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