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What will my acupuncturist do?

You will be listened to; you will have a discussion with your acupuncturist about your health in general and your current health issues; you will be examined by the feel of your wrist pulses and the look of your tongue.  As a result of the observational exam, a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis will be determined by your Acupuncture Physician.  Your Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis will explain, in TCM terms, where your Qi, or energy, has become blocked, imbalanced, rebellious, falling, rising, deficient or excess.  After your exam, you will receive an acupuncture treatment.  Other adjunct treatment modalities are utilized along with acupuncture including moxibustion-heat therapy and cupping-circulation therapy.  After your initial acupuncture treatment, you will receive a recommended a follow up plan.  Your initial exam and acupuncture treatment are scheduled for 60 minutes; follow-up acupuncture visits are scheduled for 45 minutes; re-evaluation exams are scheduled for 60 minutes and follow the pattern of the initial exam.

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