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IgG Food Allergies Test – Get Started

 Why IgG Food Allergies Test?  To determine if foods are making you sick with symptoms like nausea, headache, inflamed skin, seizure, hyperactivity and others.  Elimination of IgG positive foods can bring about improvements in disease patterns such as irritable bowel syndrome, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis and AD(H)D. 

We use a IgG food allergies test from US BioTek.  It is a blood spot test and can be done at the clinic or in your home.   The lab sends the results to our clinic and we will help go over the results with you.

Follow These Steps To Get Started With Your IgG Food Allergies Test Visit:

  1. Schedule Your Visit  If you are new to clinic, schedule New Patient Exam & Treatment.  If you are already a patient, schedule a Follow-Up Consultation.
  2. If you are new to clinic: print, complete and return Patient Forms
  3. Current and new patients, gain access to take On-Line Body Systems Survey – this is a 200 question survey about your symptoms and will be used in conjunction with your blood lab results to determine natural treatment options
  4. If you have questions reach out on form below:
(941) 926-7899 Directions Contact/Schedule