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Qi-Qong (Energy-Cultivation) For Beginners

Practice Qi-Gong exercises to generate and utilize Qi (universal life force) in your body. 

Feel energized.  Learn how to stay calm.  Find focus. 

November 1st – 30th (except 22nd, 23rd, 24th)• Noon to 12:30

Complementary practice to support your health and to build our community.   Please RSVP on our website contact us page: Wear comfortable clothes, no scents please.  Arrive ready to breathe and make gentle movements.

Medical Qigong is a medical system originating in China over 2500 ago where a skilled practitioner has learned to gather Qi, build Qi and direct Qi very intentionally for the purpose healing.

(941) 926-7899 Directions Contact/Schedule