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Chinese Herbal Medicine-Get Started

Individual Chinese Herbs make up Chinese Herbal formulas

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a well documented system, based on nature’s wisdom, that has withstood the test of time as it has been used to help people heal for over 2000 years.  Between 200 BC and 100 BC, the oldest Chinese medical text, the famous “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” outlined the theory and the potent efficacy of Chinese Herbal Medicine.  This ancient book, “Huang Di Nei Jing”, describes the uses of both single herbs and the combination of herbs to formulate solutions that support the healing of the structures and the functions of the body.

To learn more about Chinese Herbology can help you and to find out what it takes to be a NCCAOM qualified Diplomate of Chinese Herbology, read the following booklet:

CH Certification Brochure

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be a stand alone treatment or it can be integrated into your acupuncture treatment plan. To get started with Chinese Herbal Medicine, reach out below.New Patient Get Started

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