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Get Started With Acupuncture


Exam–Your TCM exam is a combination of conversation, observation,  and touch.   Observing your tongue and feeling your wrist pulses are standard TCM diagnostic tools.  We also utilize modern lab test results including blood work, saliva testing and hair analysis as needed.

Diagnosis and Treatment PlanYour TCM exam results in a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis indicating which body areas, systems  and organs are out of balance, or not working optimally.   The doctor determines the best treatment strategy,   The results of your Body Systems Survey will be included in your treatment plan.

Receive Acupuncture Treatment— Acupuncture is gentle and a proven effective form of treatment for many disease patterns and has no adverse side effects.  As a matter of fact, the whole body gets a treatment even if we are focusing on one area that needs the most immediate support.  Other therapies within the scope of our practice act may be utilized too as determined by your diagnosis and treatment strategy.

Rest During Your Treatment— Your treatment is a very relaxing experience.   Rest while your body is undergoing a healing process.

Get Up and Go — Feeling refreshed, calm and ready to move into the next part of your day.

Care Plan — Select your care plan and schedule your follow-up visits.  Options listed here:

Please bring Patient Forms Pack filled out to your first visit.  If you would rather fill out forms at our office, please allow 15 minutes before our scheduled visit.

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