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Detoxification Programs

Standard Process offers two nutritionally based detoxification programs: 21-Day Purification Program & 28-Day SP Detox Program.

“The 21-Day Purification Program isn’t just a cleanse diet. It’s a structured program that brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus. It’s designed to purify, nourish, and help patients maintain a healthy body weight by eating whole foods, exercising, drinking nutritious shakes, and taking supplements made with whole food and other ingredients.” –Standard Process –Patient-Purification-Program-Guide

28-Day SP Detox Program. “The SP Detox Balance™ program provides key nutrients and phytonutrients during all three phases of detoxification that unlock, neutralize and eliminate toxins. The simple 28-day or 10-day protocol features a tasty, all-in-one detox shake supported by sample meals.” – Standard Process –





Read the healthy recipe books below  to help you get stated making positive changes in your lifestyle and daily diet.  These books are designed to be used in tandem with the detoxing programs. 1-Degree-of-Change Cleanse CookBook


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