“Where life begins – from BrainSpanTM Health Report

All health, just like all illness, begins in our cells. We must measure, track, and improve the nutritional and functional health of them. They are the simplest unit of life on which all life is built upon. Our brain represents a collection of 80 billion cells.

What This Report Measures: This report quantifies the 1) health of the tissues in your body by examining closely specific levels of key nutrients in the red blood cells and 2) the functional capacity of a subset of cells, called neurons, that make-up the human brain. This test is measuring the health of all your tissues through a functional lens of cognitive demand.

Why It Matters: By measuring key nutrients called fatty acids in the red cell, we get a broad understanding into the overall health of your diet and where targeted but also supportive nutritional changes are needed. We are not chasing numbers but through measuring and tracking and adopting a holistic approach, we can re-establish an entirely new cellular climate in 3-4 months. This results in lower levels of inflammation and more resilience to aging and stress. Exciting new possibilities emerge when we improve the functional capacity of our most vital organ, the brain through improving key building blocks to brain cells such as DHA, an Omega-3 measured on this test.

The Problem: Most Americans have major fatty acid imbalances driven largely by dietary changes that affect everything from metabolism and appetite control to pain and inflammation. 96% percent of us have a greatly disturbed cellular climate. Leading diseases like heart disease, dementia, and arthritis can erode our quality of life if we do not measure and act on optimizing fatty acids and providing the right cellular environment. Measuring, tracking, and improving these cell vital signs is a first line preventive strategy for all chronic disease.

The Solution: Working with your provider a new, healthy and resilient cellular climate is possible by building a roadmap of specific but comprehensive nutritional changes. BrainSpanTM highly recommends to adopt a “3-4” test protocol. “3-4″ approach refers to 3 tests over 4 months each 2 months apart in order to correct, maintain, and sustain the changes if necessary, although it is important to work with your doctor on development a re-testing program that is right for you.”

With the help of Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan and BrainSpanTM , you can:

  • Lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Increase concussion protection and recovery
  • Improve attention and memory
  • Sow cellular aging and reduce stress

This is one of the many ways in which we at Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan help our patients to “Feel Better Today & Enjoy A Healthier Future!”


Purchase BrainSpan test kit at clinic or through Complimentary Chat. Receive test kit and follow instructions to take a finger prick blood spot test. Receive invitation to take on-line cognitive test.  After your results are processed by BrainSpanTM lab, Nature’s Wisdom Healing Center-Mary Cetan, an authorized BrainSpanTM representative, will schedule a time to go over your results with you and recommend a diet and supplement schedule.