Acupuncture – Get Started

Acupuncture, the art of needling a patient to achieve a desired effect, is a proven method that supports healing. Inserting the needle properly is a skill; knowing where to put the needle and why to place them on the points selected is a more complicated task that requires education and experience. 

NCCAOM certified means receiving professional care from a qualified physician. Mary Cetan is a certified NCCAOM Diplomate in three areas: Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. 

The task of a Doctor of Oriental Medicine is akin to that of a good detective.  To determine diagnosis and treatment plan, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor utilizes several methods of interacting with the patient. One method is observation of the patient including face, gait and tongue; another is dialog with the patient; and yet another is information received through subtle pulse diagnosis–feeling the rate, quality and strength of blood flow through the vessels located on the wrists. After the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is clear, the acupuncture points are selected to provide treatment for the patient with the presenting diagnosis and acupuncture treatment begins. 

To get started with our acupuncture care, follow the steps below.

  1. Schedule your New Patient Exam & Treatment
  2. Print, fill and bring Patient Forms or allow 15 minutes to complete them before your appointment.
  3. Request access to our On-Line Body Systems Survey.  It is helpful if this is done 48 hours before your visit.
  4.  Look forward to feeling better soon.
  5. You can also reach out to us below with questions or requests.